Founded in the summer of 2014, St. Catherine SAT PREP exists to provide top quality SAT and ACT prep classes, from excellent teachers, in a friendly environment, at an affordable price.

If your high schooler has yet to embark on the adventure of preparing for the SAT or ACT, he or she needs the right introduction to navigate the road ahead.

Or if he or she is already a veteran with test prep but is still not making progress, it is time for a re-set.

Whatever your student's situation, the St. Catherine test prep immersion weekend at Mount Saint Joseph can help! 

The weekend course is designed to equip young men and women with the core insights into reading, problem-solving, and stress management that will enable them to gain both skills for victory on test day and confidence for life. 

I am also available to be your student's guide on this hero's journey through one-on-one tutoring at a time and place of your convenience.